Our New Covid Protocol

At Mewies & Co we are working tirelessly to deliver a safe environment for clients and staff during the pandemic and thank you for your continued support.

After the last announcement 19/1/22 we have made some decisions on the welfare of everyone in the salon and how we will move forward from 27/1/22, masks are now not mandatory but understand some clients may still be cautious and we acknowledge this.

If you are feeling cautious please wear a mask when greeted by our lovely Ali or Nicky at reception, we will mirror you on mask wearing, we have private rooms on our first floor and we have our express payments that can be taken during your appointment to support a more social distancing practice.

Our ground floor is an optional mask wearing area for staff and clients, but still with social distancing and our regular high standards of covid safe clean environment. We will mirror you upon arrival and this can gives us a good idea on how you a feeling and without any awkward conversations about masks.

All staff will have masks on them for fringe cuts, close face detailing any face to face work and our backwash areas, we appreciate your patience and support during these tough times but our aim is to deliver our high standard of work and safe environment for all as always


From February 1st we will be having a price increase, each service will have on average £2 increase to help cover extra costs that have occurred recently and moving forward, we haven’t had a price restructure since opening the salon in 2019 and feel its time to do so with prices rising in running a business, we value your support if you have any issues please speak to one of the team.


We would like to ask all clients that are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 to reschedule their appointment in good time, our team will also be educated to be aware of symptoms and they will not be onsite.


We have been advised to carry out a colour patch tests on your return to the salon for your safety after any recent positive tests, this is for your safety and our mewies and co guidance


hand sanitiser will be available throughout your visit, We have taken cleaning very seriously and will be cleaning thoroughly. Each section will be cleaned fully between each service and we have left time for this, we have shared the results of covid-19 risk assessment with our staff and educated them on cleaning each section prior to your visit, Your stylists visor will be cleaned after each service. Your gown will be washed and will only be used by you


we cannot supply magazines but if you do have your phone or iPad you can use our digital magazines online with a QR code supplied

Dan & Jemma Mewies

And the team at Mewies & Co


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