Here we go again!

At Mewies & Co we have been working tirelessly through lockdown to prepare the salon for our clients and create a safe working environment for our team and below is a guide to your safety as a client


We would like to ask all clients that are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 to reschedule their appointment in good time, our team will also be educated to be aware of symptoms and they will not be onsite.

Please leave extra luggage and coats in your car and wear a mask on arrival, please enjoy your visit alone when ever possible to reduce the salon foot fall and help us with to social distance guidlines


We have been advised to carry out a colour patch tests on your return to the salon for your safety, If you have had your hair coloured at Mewies & Co since 1st December 2020 you will not need a patch test but if not please give us a call and we can colour patch test you from your car and will take 2 minutes. If you decide not to take our advice we will be asking you to sign a disclaimer explaining your reasons why. please contact us with any questions on this matter


hand sanitizer will be available throughout your visit

We have taken cleaning very seriously and will be cleaning thoroughly. Each section will be cleaned fully between each service and we have left time for this. 

we have shared the results of covid-19 risk assessment with our staff and educated them on cleaning each section prior to your visit, Your stylists visor will be cleaned after each service

Your gown will be washed and will only be used by you and disposable towels will be supplied


Due to the salon schedule we can not except clients being late and with our appointments in such high demand please respect our request on being on time, please contact is in good time if there is an issue and we will adapt the best we can as we do understand some problems are beyond control. please don’t be 15 minutes late and stroll in with a Starbucks in hand…


All drinks are available and will be supplied in our paper cups


we can not supply magazines but if you do have your phone or iPad you can use our digital magazines online with a QR code supplied


please be aware of your  expectations on your first visit due to time between last appointment it may takes us a little longer to achieve the same results, our price list is available to view on our website but due to longer appointment times and colour  used you may see small changes in our prices, any questions please ask during your consultation.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone for their visit to Mewies & Co, we hope you are excited too

Dan & Jemma Mewies